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2018-08-06What's next with My quick teaser before official announcement7318$22.73
2018-01-01Mes derniers mots (voeux) sur Facebook4527$135.03
2017-06-28Why you should Grow your own organic food! +My Today harvest Pics11766$174.8
2017-06-20This Hardfork 19 really makes me want to blog again on Steem!6639$194.82
2017-05-20May 20th, 2017 is a special day for cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin & Steem! Let's Snowball685$18.1
2017-05-06MACRON, future french president and his team "En Marche" hacked tonight240$0
2017-01-03Bonne année à tous !477$0.16
2016-10-29Empower french Artists in the meatspace. HOPL'AWARDS, today event organized by Coze Magazine810$12.73
2016-10-27Andreas M. Antonopoulos talking about STEEM & Steemit ! One of the most brilliant mind on blockchain space..18119$15.51
2016-10-23Steem Travel : My Oslo Norway trip ! Enlightening people and amazing event ! Enjoy my pics2846$48.44
2016-10-06Steem Travel : My Japan trip ! Amazing news incoming ! Enjoy my pics23629$833.99
2016-09-03Why Steemit post/replies per day is decreasing [My own case + Global Analysis]10843$81.59
2016-08-26Funk / Soul / R&B stomper. My great Collection [#1]. Listen some 45 RPM VINYL, All Soul lovers welcome !91$0.05
2016-08-22Do You like Steemit.CHAT ? Set up your own chat for FREE in a few clicks ! PRODUCTIVITY FOR YOUR TEAM !297$1.02
2016-08-20Who says White Men Can't Jump ? You must see Jordan Kilganon ! This 20yo kid is breaking all records !83$0.02
2016-08-15[HACKED] Full list of Soros NGOs manipulating elections in all EU member states !103$0.78
2016-08-12The Future of Steem is in ASIA! Intro+Ep1 : STEEM.CHINA ! Censorship and Scalability9721$337.66
2016-08-07Like Hip hop Battles ? Breakdancing ? Check World BBoy Classic - Top 8 Battles of the Undisputed at IBE52$0
2016-08-07[ - Update #1 !] We're getting close ! Thoughts, presentation, next steps13330$60.11
2016-08-02 BITFinex Hacked !94$0
2016-08-02Your First PAYOUT TIME on Steemit !175$0.03
2016-07-29Search is unavalaible ? How to Easily "hack" Google Search ! And more useful info about searching on the web23$0
2016-07-29[ v1] - Purchase in stores, online and withdraw Cash at ATMs directly in STEEM ! Support the STEEM DEBIT CARD !14531$9.98
2016-07-28Read all day about Whales, minnow, made me want to eat SEAFOOD ! So i just bought Mussels52$0


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