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Software Developer, Entrepreneur, Blogger


Oława, Poland


Krzysztof Szumny




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2019-04-15SteemProjects (Week 14): Three specialized interfaces, tools for witnesses, new way to create accounts and funny bot971$4.64
2019-04-14SteemProjects (March): New "one day ⟶ one project" strategy. 20 updated/added projects. Logging-in via SteemConnect fixed!1373$7.76
2019-01-09SteemProjects: Let's update status of Steem Interfaces (part 2)15610$5.58
2018-12-31Is gamification the answer to Steem problems? Initial thoughts after watching hours of talks about gamification.20236$28.61
2018-12-19SteemProjects: Let's update status of Steem Interfaces (part 1)1098$4.57
2018-12-18During last 3 weeks I have been a guest of 3 polish YouTube channels to talk about Steem and Steemit1288$38.08
2018-11-28What Steem can learn from Linux and Git? Few words about decentralization from Linus Torvalds1198$5.53
2018-10-23Creation of new Steem accounts without waiting and paying anything (with new Resource Credits system)103659$78.59
2018-10-01[ANN] Introduction of New Witness: @wise-team129452$208.37
2018-08-25SteemProjects: Weekly Report. This time it's all about games! Collect & trade monster cards or play classic Snake with Steem... and many updates to older projects!1209$10.28
2018-08-25Why our way of distributing Steem by voting sucks, why it does not scale and how we can improve this situation28664$109
2018-08-17SteemProjects: Weekly Report. Trader and investor community, rewarding users, light Steem client, bubble chart, a lot of updates... and more!11917$9.93
2018-08-11SteemProjects: Weekly Report. Microblogging platform, run Steem code online, poker legaue, game distribution, healthcare, photography community... and more!1117$13.98
2018-07-31SteemProjects: Weekly Report. Restaurant reviews with Steem, easy editing of posts and new library for data scientists... and more!13829$25.78
2018-07-26SteemProjects: Weekly Report (July 16-22, 2018)10112$14.55
2018-07-17SteemProjects: Dozens of new Apps and Tools! New content moderator, new goals...86325$49.45
2018-05-11Whales, please consider declining all comment rewards by default (in settings). 5 reasons to do that!10473$42.55
2018-05-09Today I would like to show you an INTRO, which I've prepared. I am going to use it in my videos :)4714$15.66
2018-05-04Utopian was hacked. Possible breach of SteemConnect ⟾ My video about how to revoke all 3rd-party authorities with or without SteemConnect16736$116.24
2018-03-26I just got a package with my first CryptoSteel wallet. IMO the most secure way to HODL :)10223$31.83
2018-03-20I am giving a talk about Steem at Wrocław University of Science and Technology16010$35.37
2018-03-15What we can say about Steem users, based on traffic generated to after being 3 days on top of trending page.14017$73.05
2018-03-06300 projects listed on SteemProjects - WOW! I have 4500 followers - WOW2 ! New project which I helped to build will be released on Thursday. Will be another WOW? :)19335$19.19
2018-03-05[ANN] Introducing - information about all Steem projects in one place!1987401$710.28
2018-01-30Andreas Antonopoulos just responded to my tweet about contribution which I made via Steem and Utopian :)491123$334.59


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